How to Get Your Brand to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Being different is better than being better. 🐧

You may be feeling a bit of discomfort with that statement, and I understand why. Many of us are striving to make the world a BETTER place, after all, and not just a DIFFERENT place. That’s admirable, and I am also interested in moving humanity upward and onward. 📈

Unfortunately, changing the world for the better has a few prerequisites that our idealism may not be fulfilling. A fantastic idea that merely improves upon an existing one is rarely valued and embraced quickly or enthusiastically. To be convinced to invest in a new product, service, or infrastructure, the inherent value must be made perfectly clear. Value, unfortunately, is often obscured by familiarity with what already exists to provide a similar value, even if the new value is objectively higher with faster returns than the old. That’s because we are creatures of habit. If it’s already “working”, then why bother changing it? Change is hard!

That’s why emphasizing your differences, or unique value, in contrast to the competition can make all the difference with regards to widespread acceptance. While it’s true we are all creatures of habit, it’s also true that few of us are truly content. It’s that lack of content that drives the human race forward, encouraging us to try new things. That last bit may seem contradictory to what I just explained but bear with me.

There are plenty of people out there who highly value the every day low prices of Wal-Mart while simultaneously feeling uncomfortable about their compensation of employees or cutthroat business practices. Enter Target. They provide a service remarkably similar to Wal-Mart, but do so at HIGHER PRICES! How can they do it if their prices are WORSE than Wal-Mart’s? By being different. Target offers employees wages much higher than Wal-Mart with a better design sensibility regarding their brand identity and stores. Those two points alone were enough for Target to expand nationwide and remain relevant since the mid-90s.

Isn’t that amazing how you can charge more for identical products in the same market as your industry’s largest competitor and still be successful?

That’s the power of branding and brand identity, folks.

How do you stand out? What makes your brand radically different than anyone else out there? Are you building your business now with this in mind?

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Author: Jacob Campbell

Jacob Campbell is the owner of Aetoric Design, an agency specializing in brand identity and strategy. With over 12 years of experience designing & leading entrepreneurial creative efforts, he has reached global audiences with his work for The Futur, Anime Expo, & many others.

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