How to Draw Your Brand’s Roadmap & Plan for Success

Do you have a roadmap?

Getting where we want to go involves knowing how to get there. Many people feel they know exactly where they want to be but have no idea how to get there.

So how do you figure that out? It may feel like you’re treading uncharted territory that’s impossible to survey. There are a few hacks to undo this halting mindset.

Research the Competition

Firstly, look for examples of business models that are remotely similar to yours. 🔎 I’ve had clients and prospects alike claim that their idea was just too unique to find these examples, but I urge you to get creative. I was approached by someone who was creating a website designed to help people creating wildlife habitats in their backyard. They thought there was NO ONE who ever had a platform specifically designed for those interested in that topic. She was right…sort of. While there were no other websites in the same, highly specific niche, there were lots of environmental and home gardening/landscaping websites discussing the topic. With those sources, she was better able to reverse engineer the content and audience participation to figure out what those people were like to better solve their problems.

Goal Prioritization

Secondly, prioritizing your business goals is a fantastic way to project your business’ trajectory. 📈A journey consists of a series of challenges to be met. Without a clear understanding of what those challenges entail, we’ll often find ourselves stumbling looking for the next step. I went over how to do this briefly at live stream in our brand development group, Tactical. The basic idea is to list all of your goals, then give each goal a score based on how quickly it can be done (BE REALISTIC), how doable it is, and how desirable that goal is. Your first stops should become crystal clear. Shelf those other goals until you start tackling the smaller ones. You’ve got to go to point A before point B.

Expert Branding Guidance

Finally, hiring a branding sherpa to help you on your way can be an invaluable investment.  It’s a scary world out there, and if you’re not experienced with the dangers, even the most prepared adventurers can fall victim to the unforeseen. When the going gets tough and rations are low, your guide can help you get resourceful quickly. Their creativity is a survival asset first and foremost, so having an expert on your side can mean the difference between success and failure.

How do you draw a map? Where are you on the journey? Did this post help you think of any new ways to clear the path?

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