Getting Your Brand on Schedule

🕛🕑🕓 Time 🕗🕘🕚

We’ve only got a limited amount of it, and we’re never sure how much we’ll actually have in the end. It’s so precious that you could save it’s more valuable than any other commodity on earth. But we also give it (or sometimes “throw it” 🗑) away more freely than anything else we own.

There’s a shift in mentality going on in our society, though. It’s especially evident in the tech world, where “assistant” apps for everything from dog walking to buying late night snacks to full-on virtual servant level care have begun to make a killing promising high-quality services that will give you back your time.

But what else can you do if splurging on digitally facilitated personal assistants isn’t in your budget this very moment? Start scheduling. 

If you’ve been running your business by the seat of your pants 👖, you’ve likely been wasting a huge amount of time. That might have hit some of you in the gut. I get it. It’s frustrating to hear something like that when you’ve been working extra hard just to keep up. It’s extra hard to slow your mind down to think methodically about how to optimally organize your daily routines in tandem with your long-term goals  when you’re frantically trying just to keep up. Sometimes, though, we’ve got to slow down before we run into something hard. 

Start by itemizing all of your activities by daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. You can use a calendar system  📆 like Google’s, a card system like Trello (I highly recommend them), or sim ply post-it notes on a dry erase board. Look at what activities can’t be moved first, as these will anchor you to specific times and places. Then take the other activities and find time/space appropriate spots for them.

Does your calendar fall apart because there’s too much to do? Then it’s likely time to start utilizing some sort of assistance. The apps I’ve alluded to before can help in some areas, but when it comes to running a business, onboarding helpful partners or employees can make all the difference. Creative/Marketing agencies are excellent partners when it comes to optimizing your business’s time, so reach out to one for a quote if possible.

Finally, don’t stress if you can’t stick to your schedule. Stuff happens! It’s important to keep your schedule from being too jammed pack to lower the failure rate and increase morale. Try to find some fluidity in your timelines to ensure your own success to keep your motivation high. Branding is an endurance test. We’re prepping for a long distance run, not a sprint.

What do you do to optimize your time? Are you on a schedule? What is keeping you from hitting your goals on time? Let’s share and help each other in Aetoric Design’s Facebook group, Tactical, a community with daily content for business owners, marketers, and designers developing brands.

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