Tools Don’t Make the Brand. You Do.


We’ve all likely heard similar pitches from countless sources praising the benefits of the prominent social media platforms. Facebook alone boasts over 2 billion users. Instagram’s growth has been insane. Twitter allows you to strike up conversations with like-minded people across the globe. The claims of these social media gurus are factually correct. You can, feasibly, reach these people more easily than ever before in human history.

For some, a crash course in any given social media platform’s fundamentals and advanced tactics can be a fantastic value with the potential to ignite a brand’s earning potential. For others, buying into a course like this can be a classic example of putting the cart before the horse. 🛒↔️🐎

Don’t get me wrong: you NEED avenues to share your message. The more that you can handle effectively, the better (emphasis on EFFECTIVELY). The issue comes when brands that haven’t fully conceived their message and/or refined their targeting invest lots of time (and sometimes money) into promoting a product or service that doesn’t land with the audience.

Even worse, sometimes your social media efforts can set you back! An embarrassing miscommunication can lead to people sharing your content for all the wrong reasons. Need proof? Just search for “funny infomercials” on YouTube. Remember when we discussed how not all publicity is good publicity? 

Sure, the Shake Weight made tens of millions of dollars, but the BRAND is primarily a joke at this point, with the product’s effectiveness being questionable at best. The lack of SINCERITY in Shake Weight’s “success” directly contributes to their lack of staying power in the market. After the gag gift effect wears off, their brand can be summarized best as a flash in the pan.

Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? 

If you’re wondering how you can get it right, Tactical has a bunch of great articles and livestream archives available to help you learn how to best develop your brand’s messaging and targetting. Aetoric Design also offers brand identity and strategy services. Comment below if you’re interested in a free initial consultation!

What social media platforms are you working on currently? Have you laid the appropriate groundwork beforehand? Are you second-guessing your efforts as we speak, or are you ready to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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