How to Share Your Brand Story

One of the greatest tools humanity has at its disposal is the story. 

Before the written word, stories were an incredibly effective way for information to be passed down from generation to generation. One could reasonably argue that stories are the most responsible for the advancement of mankind.

Not all stories are that memorable, though.

So what makes the difference between a story with impact and one that fizzles? Look back on the tales you were told that stuck with you over the years. Do you recognize any common factors?

It’s likely that the first thing you’ll spot is the fact that stories need impactful characters. So who are the characters in your brand’s plot? Let’s keep things really simple and just start with two.

NOTE: Both of these characters are going to consists of multiple people. They are going to be characterized conceptually, meaning that they will be personifications of more complex systems of people, products, services, etc. If that doesn’t make sense, leave a comment below for clarification.

The Brand 

This character consists of the owner, any possible employees, the products and/or services offered, websites, storefronts, etc. 

The Customer

This character consists of someone who is in need of The Brand’s offerings and can stretch to include other interested and attached parties such as business partners, pets, family members, etc.

Now we have to put these two characters in motion. It starts with an origin story for either character and eventually leads to a completed interaction between The Brand and The Customer. Feel free to write alternate endings with slightly altered characters to experiment with more possibilities. Writing this script will give you an immensely powerful tool to not only attract new customers but to refine your own business to better suit their needs.

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