Who Can You Trust?

Trust is huge. 

Not just with others, but with ourselves. If we can’t trust ourselves to do right more often than not, then what hope do we have of being able to trust others?

When running a business, we’re forced to trust others constantly. Employees and 3rd party product/service vendors like printers, manufacturers, and designers are critical organs in the organism that is your company. If one fails, the rest of the body feels the effect. This fact alone is enough for some of us to be somewhat distrustful of others.

The impact of that mistrust can be just as devastating as an unreliable employee or vendor. People have a tendency to catch onto “vibes”  or “energy”  that you put out that can add toxicity  to any relationship, regardless as to whether the mistrust is justified or not. So how do we move forward with confidence in the people around us?

Get or give clarity on the process.

It’s important to understand the process that will accompany that relationship. Setting or understanding the ground rules of any exchange can drastically enhance satisfaction for both parties if the process is effective and followed correctly.

For your employees, that means being crystal clear on what activities and results are expected in their position. For your vendors, it means making sure they’re able to easily and thoroughly explain that process before they follow through on it precisely. Both are great ways to screen for compatibility and alignment in your relationships, as you can gauge a person’s reaction to these practices.

Having people in your corner that you can rely on is so powerful. How do you develop trust? Who do you have in your corner? An exceptional employee? A loving romantic or reliable business partner? A supportive creative agency with a deep, consultative approach? 

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